Milawa Bread

Market Leaders, we have proudly stocked Milawa bread for over 3 years!!

Bread 6 days a week

Pemberton Pantry has stocked Milawa Bread since 2017. We Proudly stock their traditional sourdoughs, pastries and other products. We receive bread Monday through Saturday, with pastries on Wednesdays and Saturdays Whilst we have a huge range of bread, we have now added customers ability to order bread ahead of time!!

*customers will still be subject to a 3 day order ahead (order before 3pm) e.g orders for Saturday must be in by 3pm Wednesday.



Corn Cob Loaf
A semi sourdough maize base loaf, a pantry favourite, we use it on all our sandwiches and breakfasts. It does have butter, so no good for the dairy conscious.

Italian Sourdough
Traditional sourdough, Flour water starter slow rise. blissfully white but with a resonate sourdough finish, very popular.

Fruit Sourdough Loaf
The most fantastic raisin toast you will every have. spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Corn Muffins
Bag of 5 corn muffins, Corn bread as a flat “english” muffin

Oily italian focaccias,

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